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Welcome to our Articles Page! This page is for authors who are looking to promote themselves by publishing a collection of their best articles. Contrary to popular belief, this is not a page for WOW!’s archives. To access our archives, click on the gray “Archives” button you see to your left.

If you are an author who would like to be included on this page, please email editors[at] with “Articles Page Submission” in your subject line. We do not pay for these submissions. This is for promotional purposes only. If you are a freelancer who would like to submit an article for paid publication in our ezine, please visit our Contact Page and scroll down to the “Submissions” subheading.

Brenda Hill

Brenda Hill writes novels, short stories, and features for her Southern California newspaper. Her first novel, Ten Times Guilty , received a four-star review from Romantic Times BOOKclub Magazine, and her short story, Puddles, was featured as a ‘Twelve-tissue Tearjerker’ in a national women’s magazine. Her second novel, Beyond the Quiet, was released in February 2009. Visit her website for tips for writing the modern novel.

Brenda Hill was also interviewed by WOW! Women On Writing in our July ‘07 Issue’s 20 Questions column.

Click below to read the articles.

Moira Allen

Moira Allen, editor of, has published more than 350 articles and columns and seven books, including How to Write for Magazines, Starting Your Career as a Freelance Writer, The Writer’s Guide to Queries, Pitches and Proposals, and Creative Internet Strategies to Advance Your Writing Career. Allen has served as columnist and contributing editor for The Writer and has written for Writer’s Digest, Byline, and various other writing publications. In addition to, Allen hosts the travel website, The Pet Loss Support Page, and the photography website She can be contacted at editors[at]

Moira Allen was also interviewed by WOW! Women On Writing in our April Issue’s 20 Questions column.

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Melissa James

Native Australian Melissa James is known for writing romance books with emotional depth. She writes for Silhouette Intimate Moments and shares her knowledge of writing that emotionally in-depth story in the following articles and workshop. And though Melissa writes romance, her knowledge can be applied to every genre, giving each character more depth. You can find out more about Melissa at her website

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Sabrina Jeffries

Sabrina Jeffries is a missionary's daughter turned romance writer. She uses her colorful youth to write the kind of books she loves to read. Not only has she written some great books, she has some great advice for all writers. You can find more about Sabrina at her website.

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Sandy Tritt

The founder and CEO of Inspiration for Writers (InspirationForWriter's.Com), an editing and critiquing service for aspiring writers, she has edited hundreds of manuscripts. She is president emeritus of West Virginia Writers, Inc., the state's largest writing organization, and was the recipient of the 2002 Artsbridge Arts Award for Literature.

Her website is filled with great information for writers of all craft levels. Topics include dialogue, characters, POV, and grammar tips. Be prepared to spend some time here.

Click below to read the articles.

Joy Cagil

Joy Cagil is an author on https://www.Writing.Com/ which is a site for Love Poetry. Her education is in foreign languages and linguistics. She has also trained in psychology, humanities, mental health, women's issues, and visual arts. Her portfolio can be found at

Joy's Web page

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Using What You Already Know To Earn More Than You Already Earn

Gray Cells Make Books Sell

How A Published Author Can Become A Paid Public Speaker

How to Manage Your Literary Agent

How To Write A Compelling Query Letter

How To Write Great Queries

More Flash Than Pan

What happens after your agent begins selling you?

The Desire To Not Write

The Music of Words

The Pain of Progress

Germ Warfare: The Secret of the Publishing Industry

A Stitch in Thyme Saves Money and Reduces Reasons to Blush: Edit Everything!

5 Great Ways To Make An Agent At A Writer's Conference Dislike You.

How To Sell Your Book Better Than Tiger Woods Can Hit a Golf Ball

What Are The Odds Of Getting Published?

Surgical Removal Techniques for the Book Inside You

The Quomplete Query Qit

The Ten Steps To Getting A Magazine Article Published

Contact Information:

Keller Media, Inc.
23852 W Pacific Coast Hwy 
Suite 701
Malibu CA 90265
Office: 310.857.6828
Fax: 310.857.6373


In Your Own Words

How To Write Ezine Articles In Clusters

I Wonder Why Dictionaries Went Out Of Fashion

Top Ten Tips For New Writers

Time Management Tips - Resisting Online Temptations

Get Some Discipline

Use Self Belief To Shape Your Own Destiny

Work At Home Mothers - Are You Going Through A Difficult Phase


Summertime And The Writing Is Easy

Get Outta the House: These Writers Did (matching quiz)

Work Smarter, Not Harder This Summer

Turn Summertime Fun Into Profits

Increase Your Writer-to-Writer Contact

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do, Creating Harmonious Endings

Eight Ways to Romance Yourself, Writer-style

Ten Ways to Spring Forward In Your Writing Career

Building Up Your Clips by Writing for Local Pubs

Walking Rx for Writers

Smart Habits of Publishing Writers (list of tips)


Advice From Successful Freelancers: Starting & Maintaining A Freelancer Career

How Online Article Marketing is Significantly Increasing My Income (Part 4 of 5)

How Article Marketing is Significantly Increasing My Income (Part 3 of 5)

Article Marketing: Why Longer Articles Make You More Money

Article Marketing: Learn How to Significantly Increase Your Income

Freelance Writers: 14 Tried & True Ways to Make More Money

Freelance Writers: How to Choose a Moneymaking Article Directory

How Article Marketing is Significantly Increasing My Income (Part 1 of 5)

Increase Your Freelance Income by Finding Your Unique Voice

Case Study: How Article Marketing Is Significantly Increasing My Income (Part 2 of 5)


These articles were specifically chosen for the copywriters, who insist upon eating as they work on their novels; as well as those who love what they do and only want to do it better.

Charge up your Copywriting!

Writer's Block? Brainstorm Yourself!

Get Inside your Reader's Mind

You're a Copywriter - What Brand Are You Promoting?

Copywriters - Cut Out Those Weasel Words!

The Copywriter and the Seven Deadly Sins

The Value Trap

bizwrite logo
All the writing services you'll EVER need


Query Letters: Ten Ways to Hook a Literary Agent

Literary Agents: Good or Evil? (Either Way, You Need One)

Books for Writers: "The Chicago Manual of Style"

Imprints: Research Your Book’s Market as You Write

Writing Tip: Nouns and Verbs Are Your Friends

Writing Tip: Active vs. Passive Verbs

A Book for Writers: "Aspects of the Novel, by E. M. Forster

Grammar Tip: If Only Writers Put the Word "Only" Only Where It Should Go

Literary Prizes for Fiction: When Are They Too Good to Be True?

Sell Your Manuscript? Great! Now What Happens to It? (Part I)


How To Get Ahead In The World of Publishing

How To Create a Book Marketing Plan

The Three Mindsets of Marketing

“10 Golden Rules” for Book Marketing Success

Why InfoMarketing Is The Best Technique

7 Mental Marketing Principles for Authors and Solo Professionals

Five Things You MUST DO In Order To Sell Your Books

7 Tips For Your Writing and Publishing Success

Eliminate Stress by Eliminating Responsibilities: Use a Time Management Chart


Finding a Book Publisher

Give More Than You Get

Dealing with Discouragement

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

Becoming the Total Package

Writing as a Gift

What Can I Add

The Reviewer's Responsibility

The Revenge of Jenny Gladnerd

Sorry, Sourcey

The Gratitude of the Ego-Surfing Writer

The Makings of a Personal Essay, Really

Gone other Writers' Bios

Does Not Suit Our Needs

Why You Get Form Rejection Letters

Five Magic Phrases: Tips for Negotiating Like a Pro

Tips for the Interview-Phobic

Confident Writing

Above and Beyond


The Beginners Guide to Freelance Writing


Overcoming a Writer's Identity Crisis, Find Your Writing Joy Again!
The Intersection of Creativity & Motherhood
Why Weird Writing Rituals Work
10 Ways to Play the Waiting Game and Win It!
How to Manage the Evil Three - Rejection, Depression and Procrastination
Workout with a Writing Coach and See Career Results - Alice B. McGinty, Christina Katz
How to Write a YA Psychological Thriller - Megan Miranda, Kate Ellison, Jennifer Miller
SLAM! Retrain Your Writer's Brain. The Write Brain & Break Free by Retraining Your Brain
5 Ways to Cultivate Tenacity in Your Writer's Career
Trade Publications - Model Retailer, Pet Product News International, Supermarket Guru, Skin Deep, Sustainable Industries
Winter 2013 Flash Fiction Contest Winners!
Life as an Article Editing Warrior
The Layered Edit
How To Revise Your Franken-Novel - Kathy Higgs-Coulhard, Kate Sullivan, Jody Lamb, Cathy Day, Barbara Shoup
Shedding Light on the Beta Reader - Joanna Penn, Stephen Leather, Chuck Sambuchino, Jody Hedlund
Revision Rework Rewrite - A Rejection is Not the End
Match Your Query to Your Manuscript
10 Questions Answered by 2 Editors - Kelly Lynne, Annette Rogers
Stairway to Heaven - Starting Your Freelance Editing Business
Fall 2012 Flash Fiction Contest Winners!
So, What Does a Literary Agent Do? Elizabeth Evans, Kristina Holmes, Jessica Regel
Jessica Sinsheimer
Impressing the Gatekeepers: Jessica Faust, Heather Osborn, Stephany Evans
Marcelle Soviero
Avon Impulse: Seeking Romance Writers - Exectuive Editor Lucia Macro
20 Questions with Lisa Leshne
How to Sell Your Manuscript Without and Agent - Rachel Eddey, Christine Clifford, Janice Booth, Erin Lale
A Guide to the Gatekeepers for Authors and Freelancers by Alena Tapia
Publishers Seeking Unagented Children's and YA Manuscripts
Summer 2012 Flash Fiction Contest Winners!
Facebook Best Practices for Profiles, Pages, Groups, and Posts for Writers
The Two Sides of Social Media - How to Be Your Own Publicist
Create Multiple Streams of Income for Your Blog
Blogging in a Social Media Landscape - Samara O'Shea, Shira Lazar, Josie Loza, Krista Canfield
Sowing and Reaping the Ten Benefits of Blogging
How to Promote with Pinterest
Online Markets - Websites that Pay
No Clips? Build Your Portfolio with Stepping Stones While Still Making Money
Writing Money Using Your Expertise as a Writer
Write for a Busted Halo - Editor-in-Chief Barbara Wheeler
The Healthy Freelance Life - Slam!
20 Questions - Carol Tice
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