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WOW! is geared toward women professionals in the writing, publishing, and reading markets.

Why Women?

Well, we are women...but aside from that...

  • Statistics show that women now dominate the online marketplace.
  • In writing and reading websites, women subscribers are the majority
  • Women-owned businesses have been on the rise for years, and there's no stopping us!

WOW! has created a comprehensive platform for women professionals in all fields to get involved, communicate, and join the fun!

What makes WOW! unique:

Our concept fills the gap between writing websites and women's magazines. We combine the visual marketability of a women's magazine with the hard content of a writing website.

Our target audience consists of professional women from the ages of 18 to 80. But no matter the age, we all share a similar vision: an interest in reading and writing, being part of a community that shares similar thoughts and ideas, and the desire for a place of relaxation, inspired shopping, and most of all, a good read.

We are committed to maintaining the level of professionalism our readers and advertisers deserve.

We have monthly advertising specials! Please e-mail us at and ask about our current specials.


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