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Aury Wallington

Maralys Wills



Chapter After Chapter

Elements of Writing Fiction—Beginnings, Middle & Ends

Elements of Writing Fiction—Description

Grammatically Correct

How to Write & Sell Your First Novel

The Frugal Book Promoter: How To Do What Your Publisher Won't

The Frugal Editor: Put your best book forward to avoid humiliation and ensure success

You Can Write Children’s Books

You Can Write a Movie

You Can Write Romance

CHARACTER RESEARCH - A wonderful source to help the writer develop her characters. Simply give a broad description and see the various moods, activities and physical traits you can tap into as you flesh out your character. - Names - Names - Names - The social Security website lets you check out names by the year and popularity. - Character trait chart - very useful! - Personality descriptions and common characteristics of each, including some well-known people who fit each type. - Biographies of well-known people


  Note: WOW! does not endorse any contest, other than our own; These are just for your resources. Be sure to read their terms & conditions carefully before entering. Good luck! - Write a great opening line and win $500 - Toasted Cheese is an e-zine that hosts a variety of contests and takes submissions - John H. Reid and Tom Howard Books host two yearly short story competitions, as well as poetry contests - True Life Story Contest - Nonfiction, Fiction, Children's Literature, & Poetry. Contest deadline is March 15, 2008. - Zoetrope's All-Story Short Fiction Contest



Note: WOW! does not endorse any of the following websites. These are just here for your reference. Be sure to check out their policies before joining. - Share your poems, short stories, and novels. Invite friends to read or publish. - Los Angeles Writers group offers online and offline critique - Join local writing groups in your area - Preditors and Editors links to a plethora of writers workshops - SFWA links to online workshops, annual workshops, and local opportunites. - SoulScribe Critique group and contests - A writing community where you can post your work and get guaranteed feedback. The readers determine who receives paid publishing contracts and novel award. - Romance critique group - Critique group - Critique group - Zoetrope virtual studio critique group and community



Note: WOW! does not endorse any of the following websites. These are just here for your reference. Be sure to check out their policies before joining.

WordHustler - The world's first online submission management platform for writers. Writers upload their manuscripts to their free WordHustler accounts, select markets from our free database of 4,500 agents, publishers, contests, and publications, then we take care of all the physical printing, shipping, and tracking of manuscripts for them. - Carol Givner - a guide for writers who want recommendations, A to Z. - offers creative editorial services to screenwriters (story analysis), novelists, and children's writers. - Serving writers, literary agents, & publishers. Mainstream, genre, trade, & academic publishing specialists. Copyediting, developmental editing, proofreading, manuscript critiques, book proposals, query letters, and creative writing instruction.

GRAMMAR, STYLE, AND USAGE - English grammar, punctuation, and capitalization rules, examples, interactive quizzes with answers and explanations, weekly e-newsletter, contests, and more. Perfect for writers, editors, teachers, and students. Find the entire contents of Jane Straus's bestselling The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation here! - The most commonly violated rules of writing, grammar, and punctuation. - Antagonyms - words that have opposite meanings - Ask Oxford - free English language reference, writing guides - Tutorials on parts of speech, Sentence Elements, Punctuation and Word Use. - The Chicago Manual of style - Cliche finder, over 3000 indexed - Commonly confused words that sound alike but have different meanings. - Guide to Grammar & writing, a easily searchable site - The Elements of Style, William Strunk, Jr. Online - Gender-Neutral Pronouns - Grammar Bytes, a site for teachers, offers hand-outs and interactive exercises. - A site dedicated to answering grammar questions - Grammar Slammer, includes letter writing - A handbook of rhetorical devices - Heteronyms - words that are spelled identically but have different meanings - How to write a letter of recommendation - Indispensable Writing Resources - The Nuts and Bolts of College Writing - help with essay writing - Punctuation made simple - Revising Prose - Manuscript formatting - Articles, origins of phrases, usage notes - Dictionary, thesaurus, and encyclopedia online



Betsy Amster Literary Enterprises

Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency

The Jennifer DeChiara Literary Agency - jenndec[at]aol[dot]com

Literary Guild of Orange County, CA



Abundant Writing News - delivers a hodgepodge of writing resources delivering with no frills - just the way busy writers like it.

CoolNewsletter4Writers - interviews, contest, articles and more.

EU Writer - a sister publication to Worldwide Freelance Writer that gives information on European markets and much more.

Flash Fiction Flash - Pamelyn Casto's newsletter for flash literature writers. Markets, contests, publishing news for short-literature 1,500 words or fewer (including short-short stories, prose poetry, creative nonfiction, haibun, flash memoirs, flash plays)

Notes in the Margin - a labor of love from freelancing whiz Kristen King and a paying market for articles and reviews.

Sharing with Writers - a newsletter packed with tips on promotion, the craft of writing, editing and more

The Writer Newsletter - a promotional newsletter and full stories will mainly be found in the current issue of the print magazine.

WritersWeekly - a potpourri of resources, classified ads and new job listings.

Writing World - articles, markets, columns, scam warnings, calls for assistance from writers.

ORGANIZATIONS - StoryCrafters welcomes writers of all craft levels and genres. You'll find lots of great information, protected critique rooms along with encouragement and support.
Colorado Springs Fiction Writer’s Group
If you live in the Pike’s Peak area, then the Colorado Springs Fiction Writer’s Group offers networking, critique groups and more. Writing resources and the group’s archives are available online.
Long Ridge Writer's Group
This site offers free tips, transcripts of interviews, discussion forums and its "Breaking Into Print" writing course. - “SWW offers workshops, professional critique services, several genre conferences, writing contests, and a monthly newsletter packed full of information on publishers, editors and agents.” - Serious readers having serious fun! - is a non-profit organization that encourages children to discover joy, self-confidence, and expression through writing and reading. My hope is that by motivating students to read and write, they will gain a love for these wonderful activities that will last a lifetime. - a group of serious writers both experienced and aspiring, are dedicated to the mutual support and development of each others' careers, and advancing the interests of writers and the writing community in general., - brings together serious readers and their passions—food, wine, conversation and everything else. Two full days of book-related activities all in the comfortable and exciting company of other book lovers and authors.

PROMPTS - Free daily writing prompts - Prompt generator - Daily writing prompts with prompt generator and topic generator - Creative writing prompts - Expository writing prompts for children and teachers - Narrative writing prompts for children and teachers - Journal writing prompts - Interactive writing plots, focusing on setting, character and conflict. - How to write your own prompts - McSweeney's prompts - Prompts, Sparks, and Collaboration



Resplendence Publishing -

Seal Press- - By Women, For Women

Topeka Press - - Books for all Children, and all Families

W.W. Norton & Company - -Independent Publishers Since 1923

Oregon Writers Colony has been educating and supporting writers for over 25 years. We put out a bi-monthly newsletter, maintain a comprehensive website, and own a log house on the Oregon Coast that is used for a writers retreat.

Anam Carare Retreat:
A tranquil spot set apart to nurture and to provide sanctuary for those who create

Caldera in Sisters, Oregon:

Women’s Writers’ Retreat through Cataract Canyon:

Writer’s Retreat in Fiji:

Maui Writers Retreat:

The Porches: A Writing Retreat on the James River:


Write In Ireland Retreat:

Moss Mountain Inn:

WRITING SITES - “a place where writers from around the world can find great writing resources.” - Writing tips, Writing resources, Places to get published, Writing blogs, and more. - The one-stop web home for professional and beginning writers - Writing jobs, Reviews, Q & A and more - Writing articles, Tips, Interviews, Ask the Book Dr. and more - Based in the UK, they offer a warm welcome to members from all around the world! - A link between writers and editors, also contests in nonfiction, fiction, children's literature, & poetry - If you're a writer and you're wondering if you want or need a coach descover the resources of Warner Coaching services


Overcoming a Writer's Identity Crisis, Find Your Writing Joy Again!
The Intersection of Creativity & Motherhood
Why Weird Writing Rituals Work
10 Ways to Play the Waiting Game and Win It!
How to Manage the Evil Three - Rejection, Depression and Procrastination
Workout with a Writing Coach and See Career Results - Alice B. McGinty, Christina Katz
How to Write a YA Psychological Thriller - Megan Miranda, Kate Ellison, Jennifer Miller
SLAM! Retrain Your Writer's Brain. The Write Brain & Break Free by Retraining Your Brain
5 Ways to Cultivate Tenacity in Your Writer's Career
Trade Publications - Model Retailer, Pet Product News International, Supermarket Guru, Skin Deep, Sustainable Industries
The Layered Edit
How To Revise Your Franken-Novel - Kathy Higgs-Coulhard, Kate Sullivan, Jody Lamb, Cathy Day, Barbara Shoup
Shedding Light on the Beta Reader - Joanna Penn, Stephen Leather, Chuck Sambuchino, Jody Hedlund
Revision Rework Rewrite - A Rejection is Not the End
Match Your Query to Your Manuscript
10 Questions Answered by 2 Editors - Kelly Lynne, Annette Rogers
Stairway to Heaven - Starting Your Freelance Editing Business
So, What Does a Literary Agent Do? Elizabeth Evans, Kristina Holmes, Jessica Regel
Jessica Sinsheimer
Impressing the Gatekeepers: Jessica Faust, Heather Osborn, Stephany Evans
Marcelle Soviero
Avon Impulse: Seeking Romance Writers - Exectuive Editor Lucia Macro
20 Questions with Lisa Leshne
How to Sell Your Manuscript Without and Agent - Rachel Eddey, Christine Clifford, Janice Booth, Erin Lale
A Guide to the Gatekeepers for Authors and Freelancers by Alena Tapia
Publishers Seeking Unagented Children's and YA Manuscripts
Summer 2012 Flash Fiction Contest Winners!
Facebook Best Practices for Profiles, Pages, Groups, and Posts for Writers
The Two Sides of Social Media - How to Be Your Own Publicist
Create Multiple Streams of Income for Your Blog
Blogging in a Social Media Landscape - Samara O'Shea, Shira Lazar, Josie Loza, Krista Canfield
Sowing and Reaping the Ten Benefits of Blogging
How to Promote with Pinterest
Online Markets - Websites that Pay
No Clips? Build Your Portfolio with Stepping Stones While Still Making Money
Writing Money Using Your Expertise as a Writer
Write for a Busted Halo - Editor-in-Chief Barbara Wheeler
The Healthy Freelance Life - Slam!
20 Questions - Carol Tice
Freelancer's Corner - Choose Your Own Adventure - Freelance Writing Paths
How 2 Use the Writer's Eye To Turn Personal Experiences into Cold, Hard Cash
Home & Garden Markets
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