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Become a Ghostwriter – Start a Money-Making Writing Business

Ghostwriting Your Way to a Profitable Writing Business


START DATE: May 6, 2024

DURATION:  4 weeks

LOCATION:  Lessons are delivered via email. This is an asynchronous course that can be studied from anywhere, in any time zone.

FEEDBACK:  Instructor Feedback

COURSE DESCRIPTION:  Who makes more money than most authors (probably put together)? The Ghostwriter.

Ghostwriting is a profitable writing business that lets you help others fulfill their dreams and goals. In fact, a number of books that reach best-seller status and that are in libraries have been ghostwritten.

And, unlike publishing your own books, being a ghostwriter, you’re guaranteed to be paid for your efforts.

So, what exactly is a ghostwriter?

Well, a ghostwriter is a writer-for-hire who may help someone write a book; write an article; write a speech; write a video script; write a TV / movie script; and so on. Any content that is written may be written by a ghostwriter.

In this 4-week class, you’ll learn everything you need to know about becoming a working ghostwriter, whether it’s to be part of your freelance resume or it’s to be the focus of your writing career. And, I will be available for questions and guidance every day during those four weeks.

I had been hoping to find a ghostwriting workshop for several months after writing a short essay for a woman who wanted her story told but didn't know how to go about it. When I saw that WOW offered this class with Karen Cioffi, I couldn't wait to sign up! After reviewing the class information and the instructor's credentials, I knew I couldn't go wrong. The class exceeded my expectations! Karen provides: 1) key points in a succinct way that is easy to follow, 2) excellent resources for further reading on each topic; and 3) personal examples that have worked for her in growing and managing her ghostwriting business. Before taking Karen's workshop, I had no materials organized to start my business. Now I feel ready to roll! In my own library of resources I now have: 1) A writing process tailored to the type of business I plan to start; 2) Specific Documents I will use: client questionnaire, freelance agreement including a communication plan and payment options, non-disclosure agreement; and 3) marketing plan including a client list and flyer. Karen also shared helpful tips on dealing with clients, harnessing the client's voice, things to watch out for, and safety measures to take. This is not an exhaustive list of what I learned in the class. Thank you, Karen, for giving me the encouragement and materials I needed. I'm prepared and excited to take the next step! ~ Leslie Cox (WOW Student)

Karen demystifies ghostwriting, and gives students plenty of real-world information about freelance agreements and how to set a price for their services. Very helpful information for writers who are new to ghostwriting or who want to create a successful writing business. ~ Susan (WOW Student)

While I was in the midst of establishing a publishing and writing services business, I took Karen Cioffi's class on ghostwriting. Although I had some experience as a ghostwriter and I had done research on it to prepare to launch my business, I learned so many crucial tips and tricks from Karen's class such as including a non-disclosure agreement, client relations, resources to find more freelance jobs, and safety measures. The written materials she provided for each lesson are very comprehensive; I know I'll refer to them as I continue to improve and grow my business. ~ Anne Greenawalt, PhD (WOW Student)

In the WOW Ghostwriting class Karen Cioffi teaches, she covered all the questions I had about Ghostwriting and taught about so many parts of the process that I'd never even considered. Karen is a thorough, clear and responsive teacher. The learning material and the lessons we complete are both practical and creative, getting right to both the concepts and the next steps need to launch a ghostwriting practice. Karen is generous in sharing the steps and materials she uses in her own practice and these are great models for efficiently designing your own business. Karen encourages questions and responds quickly and thoroughly. She's an effective and efficient teacher. The lessons helped me to deal with the overall organization I need and also drill down into the specific steps. Ghostwriting is a great class and I look forward to taking another WOW class with Karen in the future. ~ Mary Tonne Schaefer, Your Memoir Creator (WOW Student)

Thank you so much for the final and bonus lessons! I feel like this class gave me a good starting point for building a ghostwriting business. The lessons and personal feedback aren't something you’d find in a Google search. ~ Emily Keener (WOW Student)


Week 1: What is Ghostwriting and How to Get Started

  • About the ghostwriting world
  • Is it ethical?
  • Do you need special skills?
  • First steps to becoming a ghostwriter
  • How to find work
  • How to market your ghostwriting services

Assignment: Students will choose one or two niches they’d like to work in. They will create a brief marketing plan that will show how they’ll find and market their work.

Week 2: Dealing with Clients and Potential Clients

  • Creating a process and time frame
  • Understanding what your client wants
  • Let the client understand how you work and what you need
  • Creating and sticking to deadlines/schedules
  • How to capture the client’s “voice”
  • Be prepared
  • Writing on spec – should you or shouldn’t you?
  • When to say NO THANK YOU

Assignment: Students will create a writing process and list the strategies they’ll use to harness their client’s voice. They will also make a list of additional services they’ll offer their clients, if any.

Week 3: Freelance Agreements and What to Charge

  • Do you need a freelance agreement?
  • Do you need a nondisclosure agreement?
  • Dollar amount – what are you worth?
  • By the hour or flat fee
  • Payment schedules and methods

Assignment: Students will create a freelance writing and nondisclosure agreement. They will decide on their hourly and project rates.

Week 4: Some Things to Watch Out For

  • Using quotes, images, etc.
  • When enough is enough
  • Safety first

Assignment: Students will decide on safety measures they will put in place.

Bonus Lesson: Insights on a Few Specific Niches

  • Ghostwriting business and health articles
  • Ghostwriting children’s books
  • Ghostwriting memoirs
  • Ghostwriting business books

Bonus Lesson 2: Creating Your Freelance Writer Client List

Materials needed: Computer with internet access, Microsoft Word (or other Word program that’s compatible), and an email address.

Karen Cioffi

ABOUT THE INSTRUCTOR: Karen Cioffi is a multi-award winning author, freelance writer, editor, and ghostwriter. She’s ghostwritten 500+ articles for health and business sites, short business books, memoirs, and medical articles for journals as well as academic essays. Her specialty though is ghostwriting children’s books from picture books through middle-grade. She’s ghosted 80+ books and helped many individuals become children’s authors. One of her clients received partnership interest from MADD, another received multiple requests for her manuscript from both agents and publishers. You can check out some of her testimonials at: and

Besides ghosting, Karen is the founder and editor-in-chief of Writers on the Move (a marketing group for authors and writers). She also presents online writing and marketing workshops and webinars.

COST:  $120, which includes weekly assignments, individual feedback from the instructor, and answers to questions. Class is conducted via email.

BUY NOW:  Ghostwriting Your Way to a Profitable Writing Business by Karen Cioffi (4 weeks, starting May 6, 2024). Limit: 10 students. Early registration is recommended.

This class is now closed. Please check here for our current schedule.

For Class Session Starting 5/6/2024


Additional Testimonials for Karen Cioffi:

Your work greatly exceeded my expectations. You truly are gifted in children’s writing. Thank you so much! ~ Karla Dominguez (Ghostwriting Client)

IT’S PERFECT!!!! Thank you so much Karen. You are really great at what you do. We talked over the phone once and I gave you a few notes, and you turned it into a masterpiece. I found you while doing a search on Google and saw nothing but great reviews. Now, I can see why. ~ Candis Butler (Ghostwriting Client)

I am so pleased with the final product. I approached Karen with a children’s book which exceeded 6,000 words. She understood my vision and worked with me every step of the way. She is full of excellent ideas and deserves the recognition for helping me with my first book. I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to edit or improve any story. The pricing is very reasonable. The level of detail and personalized service she provided me with far exceeded my expectations. I will be working with her again very soon. Thank you, Karen. I am ever so grateful. ~ G.R. (Ghostwriting Client)

Many thanks for all your work on this article - I know it will be a vast improvement on the original and appreciate your thoroughness and attention to detail with the work and the QHR guidelines, it was a great pleasure to work with you as well and I wish I had the luxury of your services every time I submitted an article!!! ~ Dr. Carol Gray Brunton, Lecturer, Edinburgh Napier University (Ghostwriting Client)

Three months after starting my freelance editing business, I knew I needed a website and blog but was too overwhelmed to set them up. Karen Cioffi’s class, “Creating and Building Your Author Online Presence: Website Creation to Beyond Book Sales,” looked like the perfect nudge I needed. And was it ever! Karen provides even more information than I’d hoped for. She is approachable, helpful, and knowledgeable, and not only did I learn what I knew I needed to learn, I also came away with new marketing strategies I hadn’t even thought about—and that’s saying something, considering my background in publishing. If you’re even just thinking about writing a book someday, take this course now and start building your author platform! ~ Candace Johnson, Change It Up Editing and Writing Services (WOW Student)

You have provided a ton of information that I am still working through. Your content was thorough, relevant and authoritative. Your lessons are jam-packed with amazing information. I would recommend this course to anyone who blogs or otherwise writes for the Web. ~ Rosemary Jarrell (WOW Student)

As a person interested in pursuing work in the field of content creation and website optimization, Karen’s Become an SEO Writer course provided all the tips I needed to start that journey. The weekly lessons are packed with information, from specific tools and resources to writing samples and technical suggestions. Karen is also able to answer any questions that arise from the readings or other queries related to website optimization, seeking jobs, and marketing one's own services. In addition, once the course concludes, Karen’s sites provide helpful content that will be useful in starting or continuing work as a content writer. ~ Jessica Nierad (WOW Student)

I so appreciate the help you’ve given me with this course. I found it to be very informative and easy to understand. Thank you so much for your help and patience. I feel I’ve definitely improved my marketing skills and created my own blog. Thanks again. ~ Susan Lapp-Mellott

Karen Cioffi knows her stuff! I sat in on her class and was extremely impressed by her course materials, website evaluations, and personal coaching with students. She knows a lot about making your website stand out from the pack—even an old pro like me learned a thing or two! She provided students with unique solutions personally tailored to their own websites that I would never have thought of. I highly recommend this course for those who are looking to build their online platform. Karen goes above and beyond for her students and is a fantastic mentor. ~ Angela Mackintosh, editor and publisher of WOW! Women On Writing

The last three weeks have been invaluable and this course has helped in so many amazing ways. Thanks for all the wisdom. I am learning a ton and feel so much more equipped to build my platform. Thank you so much. ~ Amy Crawford, PhD, LMFT Psychotherapist & Writer Specializing in Military PTSD

Karen Cioffi-Ventrice is the go-to person for online marketing. She knows her stuff and does what she does with heart. 
~ Carolyn Howard-Johnson, multi award-winning poet, writer of fiction, speaker and teacher

I’d like to add my thanks and appreciation. I will keep the PDF for future references. I have learned a lot in this workshop, and I appreciate the time you put into it. ~ Andrea

A huge vote of thanks and waves of appreciative applause for all the time, effort and enthusiasm you invested in this workshop. For me it has certainly been one of the highlights of this conference—so many thanks for sharing all your expertise so generously. I think there will be more than several better websites and promotional pages on the Internet after this.
~ Anne Duguid, MuseItUp Publishing Content Editor

Thanks so much for sharing your time and expertise in this workshop. It’s vitally needed by authors today. ~ Karina Fabien, author

Thanks so much for offering this workshop this year. I learned so much! ~ Deb Hockenberry, author

Your PDF is a keeper and I will continue studying the lessons through the coming month. Your guidance and inspiration has taken some of the intimidation out of my non-techno abilities to shape my website (currently in languishing limbo) as well as my blog. Many Thanks for an Exciting Experience. ~ Kate Sender

Karen, Thanks for all this valuable information. ~ Beverley Eikli


Questions? Email Marcia & Angela at:

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