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Featured Online Writing Class

WRITING A NOVEL WITH A WRITING COACH: One-on-One Instruction by Margo L. Dill

START DATE:  The first Friday of every month

DURATION:  4 weeks with the chance to renew for another 4 weeks

COURSE DESCRIPTION:  Are you writing a novel? Do you need a writing coach to keep you accountable and provide feedback as you go? Join Margo L. Dill in an online workshop environment, where you can work with her (and possibly other students, depending on interest) to get a first or second draft of a novel completed. Novelists for almost any genre (no erotica or extreme violence please) are welcome. Depending on your needs, Margo will also provide you with resources on writing novels and help with writing a synopsis and query letter.


Each week, including week one, students will turn in a chapter (or a section) of a novel to Margo. She will read it and critique it. She will also ask questions and create lists of topics based on students’ writing and needs. Each week will be set up like the schedule below, with exact days subject to change based on students’ needs.

Week One, Two, Three:

On Fridays, turn in one chapter or section of your novel. (Chapters of up to 15 pages will be accepted. Chapters longer than 15 pages will have to be divided into two week assignments.)

On Mondays, all critiques are returned to students.

Monday through Friday: work on next chapter or section

On Tuesdays/Wednesdays, discussions will be started or questions will be asked/answered.

Week 4:

On the fourth week of the workshop, students will turn in a chapter for critique on Friday. On Monday or Tuesday, a choice will be made to renew the workshop if interested.

It’s rare to find someone as qualified as Margo Dill who is also pleasant and easy to work with. Her knowledge of the publishing industry is amazing, and her work ethic is top notch. She is an excellent editor who loves her work, and I feel fortunate to have her on our staff. Margo is creative and intelligent, and I truly believe the work she’s doing with us has helped to raise our company’s standing in the writing community. ~ Louella Turner, publisher at High Hill Press

Margo assisted me this year with editing my children’s novel, Jason, Lizzym and the Snowman Village, for self-publication. I’ve learned through hard experience there is a huge difference between a professional editor and a fellow writer reading and providing comments.

One of the hallmarks of a professional editor is the editor offering suggestions and recommending changes while maintaining the author’s and characters’ voices independent from the editor’s own. Avoiding stylistic changes to suit an editor’s preferences are important and Margo is able to walk that fine line with grace and ease.

She also has a keen eye for character development, plot, and description as well as basic grammar and industry standards. ~ Charity Kountz, former Editor 911 client

Margo is a true professional with a great eye for detail. Her editing suggestions were key to improving my writing. ~ Nancy Nigh, writer and marketing director

Materials needed:  Access to a computer with Internet, Microsoft Word, an idea for a novel or novel-in-progress, and an e-mail address.

ABOUT THE INSTRUCTOR:  Margo L. Dill is the author of Caught Between Two Curses, a YA light paranormal romance novel involving the Curse of the Billy Goat on the Chicago Cubs; Maggie Mae, Detective Extraordinaire: The Case of the Missing Cookies (picture book); and Finding My Place: One Girl’s Strength at Vicksburg, a historical fiction, middle-grade novel. Besides being a children’s author, she is also a freelance editor with the business, Editor 911: Your Projects Are My Emergency! and she is part of the WOW! Women On Writing e-zine’s staff as an editor, blogger, contest judge, instructor, and social media manager. Margo loves presenting workshops to writing groups and school groups. She also loves blogging and does so regularly on WOW!’s blog, The Muffin, and on her own website, When she is not writing or editing, Margo loves to spend time with her daughter and crazy Boxer dog, Chester. She lives in St. Louis, Missouri; and if she could eat out every day, she would! She is also a member of the St. Louis Zoo, and this is one of her family’s favorite places to go.

COST:  $130, which includes four professional critiques by Margo ($190 value), resources, and discussion opportunities.

BUY NOW:  Writing a Novel with a Writing Coach, by Margo L. Dill (4 weeks, starting first Friday of each month) Limit 20 students: Early registration is recommended.

Please note: this class will be closed for November and will resume December 2nd.


Questions? Email Marcia & Angela at:

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