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We have selected a not-so-frequently chosen theme: Agents! Our purpose in choosing Walking in an Agent’s Shoes was to reduce the confusion, misconceptions and circulating rumors, which breakdown communication and understanding, lessening the joy we want to experience as we work. Quite a lofty goal, we realize, but we aim high. This issue follows suit like the former ones, with contributing professionals sharing what they know, wanting to help women reach their objectives. We thank all who worked with us. The spirit they contribute makes WOW! an “informative and fun read”...if I may borrow from one of our readers. We sincerely hope this issue will remove some of the fright in searching for the right agent; and replace that anxiety with realistic expectations and guidance needed—helping you decide if you require an agent, and if you do, how to find her. In addition, we close with a thank you to our loyal readers. We hope you enjoy this issue, and be certain to sign our guest book and let us know what you liked and how we can make WOW! better.




"Writing has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I wrote short stories when my creativity kicked in, which was usually around midnight and beyond. After I married, my husband told me that wasn't working for him. So, I turned to creating business plans, presentations, brochures and everything else we needed as business owners.during the daytime. Close to three years ago, my husband of thirty-six years died, and I returned to writing."

Beryl is a published non-fiction writer, a writer of flash fiction, personal essays and is currently working on a novel.

“I was twelve years old when my mother passed away, and a friend gave me a journal to write in, as a substitute shrink. Although it was pond scum green with tired-looking brown horses on the cover, it came with a gold lock that only I owned the key to. That gave me the security to ‘lift my skirt up and fly’ and to never look back; except to edit, of course! Now, I just wonder which family member will be reading my crazy journals when I die, and if they’ll be auctioned off on Ebay.”

Angela owns a graphic design business in Orange County, is an award-winning artist and a published short fiction writer. She is currently working on a collection of intertwined short stories for a novel.


Chatting With Jennifer DeChiara

WOW!’s root system is developing well. It feels natural to tap a WOW! tradition (!) for the Editors’ Desk. When we aren’t able to get face-to-face for our interviews, we look forward to solidifying our new friendships with a spontaneous phone chat!

It really isn’t as selfish as it might seem on the surface. The interaction helps us bring you more of the true spirit of the women serving you: the writers, authors, editors, agents, publishers and readers.

When we do research and handpick women we feel are able to offer what you’re coming to expect when you visit WOW!, the one thing we don’t always know is the heart and sense of humor. We’re extremely blessed with all who have contributed from our first issue on, because everyone has had a big heart and a good sense of humor.

Be assured that you will thoroughly enjoy our chat with Jennifer.

We were talking just after she had gotten back from a writer’s conference on the chilly east coast. We touched on some good information from her interview, about writers trying to make contact with the agents. We were touched by Jennifer’s comment that she felt like she had accomplished what she set out to do. She “managed to speak to each writer and that made me feel good!” Of course, those writers went home feeling good themselves, no doubt.

Angela and I had to say that agents overall don’t have a strong reputation for having the goal of wanting to speak with each writer, even two minutes. (Just a note to our Readers, two minutes may not seem long to a lot of people, but giving writers two minutes with an agent of choice--uh, any agent--can be a long sought after dream come true.) Jennifer said if agents aren’t careful they can become like Rock Stars, where power can go to their heads.

Speaking along the same vein, she acknowledged how tough the world can be to one with a dream. We’d all have to agree with that statement. And, that stress can impair some authors’ judgment when trying to approach agents at a conference.

We started talking about one of Jennifer’s authors, Bonnie Neubauer (enjoy her article this month). She referred to how Bonnie and her husband met, we got some insight right up to the Barnes & Noble wedding. It was easy to tell how well she knows her clients. And, how much she cares for them. When we commented on that, she said what was obvious to us, “Each client is special. I feel they’re all my children. It has made my life rich just to know these people.”

Bonnie certainly returns the sentiment, just read how quickly she realized that she liked Jennifer after meeting her.

Jennifer has a well-earned reputation for working “too hard.” Her promptness, professionalism and generosity have elevated our excitement level here. The hours she keeps would diminish the lifespan of a long-burning candle considerably. How does she keep up the pace? She loves what she does. “It doesn’t feel like work. I feel that writers bring their lives to me. If they are willing to work hard, then so am I.”

One of our favorite parts of our great conversation was Jennifer’s description of what it is like for her to meet someone new. “Each person I meet is like opening a present. You take off the ribbon and as you start peeling back the layers of paper you discover different talents, different goals. It’s like crashing into someone’s world.” We feel certain anyone would be thrilled to suddenly find Jennifer in her world.

Just because she is enjoying her life and work so much, doesn’t mean that Jennifer doesn’t have a goal. She’s working relentlessly toward the goal of expanding the Jennifer DeChiara Literary Agency. From all we can see, that is one reasonable goal and we wish her all the best.


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